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[IAC#RG] Request for suo-moto Information under RTI Act

Sarbajit Roy <> Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 1:07 PM

To: Dhiraj Srivastava <>, "ritasharma.secy" <>, ritasharma <>, chairperson <>


a) Central Public Information Officer
National Advisory Council
New Delhi

b) Secretary,
National Advisory Council
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Date: 10-June-2013

Dear Sir/Madam,



Sub: RTI request under section 4 of RTI Act 2005 to be complied immediately.

I am constrained to remind you that I have not received the suo-moto information sought by India Against Corruption's members vide my email dated 29-May-2013 (appended below).

The said email was sent under "Life or Liberty" clause of RTI Act on behalf of IAC (a strictly apolitical and secular people's movement) considering the deaths of so many persons in 25 May 2103 massacre who were "compelled" to go into areas well known to be LWE infested.

The reasons I am again requesting the information be published is summarised below:-

1) Because Ms Aruna Roy (former member NAC) is said to be a well known LWE. By way of example you may refer to the book "NGOs, Subversive Activists and Foreign Funds : the anti-nation industry 2nd edn." co-authored by her IAS batchmate Dr. Krishen Kak. Copies of the book are in the Library of Parliament. For your ready reference I am setting out a few directly relevant paragraphs therein

"A careful look at the money trail of AID illustrates the functioning of the organisation, and throws light on other organisations that are used to funnel money collected by AID. These organisations co-ordinate their fund-raising activities and shadow their proceeds by passing through multiple accounts all controlled by like minded groups. One such organisation that has been funded by AID is called Tamil Nadu Science Forum (TNSF). TNSF works actively with DYFI. TNSF listed Balaji Sampath, who is also a founder of AID. Thus while Balaji Sampath's AID collects money in America, BALAJI SAMPATH (in his Indian incarnation!) receives money in India, ostensibly on behalf of TNSF.
I understand that TNSF 'as a policy' would always impose a pre-condition on the libraries in Tamilnadu which they were financially supporting to the effect that the concerned libraries would only support DYFI and no other student body before receiving any funds. AID is a secretive organisation which enjoys the full political support of the UPA Government in New Delhi. It was AID which extended generous financial support to Sandeep Pandey, founder of ASHA and a known Naxalite sympathizer, to undertake a political trip to Pakistan some years ago.
Those who work with AID and its allies also seem to be experts in organizing international prizes and awards to themselves as part of a civil and cultural conspiracy. One Sanjit 'Bunker' Roy was given a prize by the Aga Khan foundation for having developed rainwater harvesting structures. Later investigations by The Week clearly revealed that he had hired a professional architect called Neehar Raina to get the job done. Upon this exposure, Aga Khan Foundation changed its citation to fit in with the known facts! A secularly shameless non-communal Roy, ended up by returning his prize. Bunker Roy's wife Aruna Roy, is a Maoist and has worked closely with AID. Like many who have worked closely with AID in its undeclared mission of national subversion, she too has been awarded a prize by the Ramon Magsaysay Foundation.
I can only conclude that NGO's like AID, ASHA, CAIR, FeTNA are all committed to their supreme objective of De-Hinduising the Indian State which means rendering the Hindu identity to any aspect of our national life illegitimate and irrelevant in public life and public discourse"

2) That apparently post the May 25 2013 Chattisgarh massacre, specific intelligence was available to the Govt of India concerning the involvement of private member(s) of the NAC to "De-Hindu"-ise (?) the Congress Party's leadership in the presently BJP ruled States of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh which go to polls very shortly .

3) That it is well known to MHA that front NGOs (such as Social Work Reserch Centre, Tilonia [Rajasthan]) of Mr. Sanjit 'Bunker' Roy (who is said to be Ms. Aruna Roy's husband) regularly receive many crores of rupees under FCRA from foreign sources routed via countries such as Tibet and Sierra Leone.

4) That it is very well known to Govt. of India and the MHA that large amounts of foreign exchange are flowing in to India for conversion of animist tribals to Christianity, especially in states such as Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh, and that radical Christian "priests" are actively inciting India's tribals to take up arms against the State, ie. LWEism also known as Naxalism, Maoism etc.

5) That Ms. Aruna Roy's husband actively runs massively foreign funded programs to train so-called "barefoot" doctors and "barefoot engineers". These illiterate unqualified depressed people are systematically brain-washed as agitators / technicians who go about fomenting disaffection against the Indian State and its institutions.

6) That Ms. Aruna Roy corruptly misused her status as a private (ie. "without salary to evade application of the Prevention of Corruption Act") NAC member to ensure that Ministries of Govt of India give huge funding to her husband's NGOs for the training of "barefoot" LWEs. Ms. Aruna Roy and her husband (who are only "humanities" graduates) have systematically ensured (through their proximity to Chairperson NAC and lobbying access thereby to critical Ministries) that the "Engineers Act/Bill" to regulate the qualifications and supervisory bodies to regulate the profession of Engineering is never passed. Thereby enabling this enterprising duo to carry on their hugely profitable private business of training "barefoot engineers" aka LWEs for some foreign nations who openly finance them. It is also an open secret that Ms. Aruna Roy and her aforesaid husband were part of the move to tamper with the autonomy of the IITs, and also caused the arrest on 28.11.2011 of many IAC volunteers for raising slogans like "Desh ke yuvak yahaan hain, Rahul Gandhi kahaan hain ?" close to NAC office that day.

7) That when the concerned Intelligence / Investigative agencies communicated their inability to investigate the May 25 Chattisgarh massacre in the face of such High Profile persons being close to Hon''ble Chairperson NAC and being in a position to impede their free and unfettered investigations, Ms. Aruna Roy got convinced to "resign" from the NAC.

8) That Ms. Aruna Roy was replaced at the NAC by another Christian tribal's agitator in a tearing hurry and without any public procedure and/or public scrutiny being available or followed (as the IAC had requested vide my email dt. 29.05.2013 which was also addressed to the Cabinet Secretary by name).

9) That IAC apprehends the said hurried appointment of Ms Aruna Roy's replacement is to continue an unfinished agenda to de-Hinduise the Congress Party leadership in specific BJP ruled states. Hence IAC's request for urgent suo-moto disclosure.

In the circumstances, we repeat our request that all available information pertaining to procedure and terms for selection of members of the NAC is put into the public domain within 48 hours on Life or Liberty basis, as IAC is seriously interested in knowing how alleged/purported LWEs came to be appointed to NAC-I and NAC-II and if this was in any way responsible for deaths of so many citizens of India (with perhaps more to come).

With best wishes

yours sincerely

Er. Sarbajit Roy
National Convenor
India Against Corruption, jan andolan

B-59 Defence Colony, 2nd floor
New Delhi 110024
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