Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) makes homosexual sex punishable by law and attracts up to 10 year imprisonment.

On 11 December 2013, the Supreme Court of India upheld the constitutionality of Section 377 of the IPC. On 28 January 2014, the Supreme Court dismissed the review petitions filed against its 11 December judgment on Section 377 of IPC.

When the SC allowed a curative petition, the IAC thereafter decided to formulate its policy position on this issue.

  • On 30 Sept. 2014 IAC's National Convenor proposed [1] :-
"Seriously, for a long time I have been wondering if IAC should settle its policy on "unpopular" issues like homosexuality, birth/population control in the same way that we have an unpopular position on "right to own and bear arms".
In keeping with the clauses in IAC's charter on inclusiveness, diversity, secularism etc. I propose a "sense of the house" motion on the following lines.
"That India Against Corruption supports the freedom of every person
resident within the territory of  India to explore all forms and
variations of consensual sexual practices, and marry irrespective of
gender. That accordingly laws like Indian Penal Code and Special
Marriage Act etc. require to be amended."
After intense discussion between IAC subscribers including many Supreme Court and High Court advocates, this proposal was modified on 12 Oct 2014 to
"That India Against Corruption opposes the arbitrary and divisive
categorisation of Indian citizens and other persons resident within
the territory of India to frame and/or amend laws and/or policies to
provide special benefits to any person or groupings of persons within
the territory of India.

That India Against Corruption renews and reiterates its position that
the well established body of criminal laws in India should remain
essentially unchanged and not be tampered with.

That IAC firmly denounces and opposes all foreign forces, and their
Indian lackeys, which are meddling with India's polity, including its
laws, to divide and destroy India's multi-ethnic peaceful secular
culture and society, evolved over 10 millennia of recorded history."

However, the discussion is open, as this is a core issue for IAC.